Day 8 – CWDB – ZTM – Flexbox (contd.)

Working on the edge ledger website.

Brad’s style is a little different. He goes through the project as though he has the completed project open on another screen and then just writes it out with us.

This is fine. But, I just need to slow down and see if I understand what he is doing at each step. Sometimes he will write multiple lines of code at the same time. By following him I am not really sure what each line does.

I took a slight departure today from building the website to practice and revise the key concepts of flexbox. Went back to ZTM and saw the short videos there. A strength of ZTM is to keep an eye on the overall strategy and point out nice resources that can be used to learn more about a topic.

It would be nice if I struggle through the edge ledger website and try to build it myself once I am done. I was not able to do this on the last website. Let me see if I can get myself to do it this time.