Day 8 – WDB – Section 14 and 15 – JQuery and the simon game project

First things first, here is the game project we built in section 15:

I visited JQuery after a long time today. Probably after 2016. I think it is outdated now in the world of web dev and just doing the vanilla JS seems more natural now, but I think a lot of people are still using JQuery. It will be good to know the basics of it incase I need to use it on a client project.

The best thing about today’s learning was the project. It was fairly complex. The projects are getting better now. My struggle with today’s project was more about my understanding of how the game worked vs the complexity of writing the code. That is fine. I still enjoyed it.

Being challenged and flexing any muscle like when you workout is never really pleasurable. You only enjoy it once you’ve done it for a while and you start seeing the results. I am glad I am doing this course because I am coding once again. A lot of courses have so much theory that you don’t really get to code a lot… There are complex projects, but the projects are not broken down in terms of steps to get a project done.

This is the best part of this course. I wish most Udemy instructors just copy Angela’s course structure and build their courses just like this.

Her video in the end talked about taking a break. That is a very hard thing to do. I get very judgemental of myself when I am trying to code. If I don’t get something right away, I feel like there is something wrong with me. However, I have solved enough coding problems now that I should be confident about my abilities to solve problems if reasonable instructions and resources are provided.

Work in progress. Good day all in all.