Day 9 – WDB – Section 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 – NodeJS and APIs

There were a few short sections that I went through yesterday. Right now I am in the middle of section 20. This is a section about APIs.

We are working with a weather API right now.

One of the things I really enjoyed today was making a small calculator app that takes in two numbers on the front end and we just add those two numbers on the server and send back the results to the browser. Nothing fancy here. That is why it was so great.

Usually, this is where courses have a large and fancy project, but just the setup itself requires a lot of focus. What does it take to setup a simple UI, take two numbers and send them to the server for some processing. And, how do you get the result back to the browser?

Just this simple workflow is what is probably required for so many applications and I was happy that it was explored in a such a simple manner. This was an excellent choice by Angela.

The past few sections have been quick because I knew most of the stuff. From now on the course will get more hairy. I will need to watch each video twice and probably need to repeat each activity twice to get as much practice as I can to get comfortable with NodeJS, express, APIs etc.

I am also happy to have started this blog and website as my home on the web. It is really easy to log my progress here and classify a lot of things that I will probably need organized access to later. Today Arjun came by and he wanted to see what I had been upto for the past few days. It was nice to simply go to my showcase category and pull up all the small projects I had been working on.

I have made the switch to RHEL from POP OS. POP OS had become quite unstable. Probably because of some toxic combination of software I am running, but regardless. Let’s see how RHEL does. I think I am getting more used to the linux workflow and quite enjoy it also now.

Found this great website for cryptography and ciphers:

Will probably use it at some point. As of now I have found tutanota as my go to program for sending encrypted emails. That is quite easy to use.