Day 10 – WDB – Section 20 – The Weather App

I repeated the setup of a simple express app twice today. It was quite nice. I think Angela’s course structure is really helping me solidify some base concepts because she keeps the size of her projects and assignments manageable.

In the weather app I built an html page with a form that sent a post request which was caught on the backend by an endpoint. Using body-parser I could get the name of the city entered by the user and then use that name to query the open weather api for weather data using the node native https method.

Based on the response back from that API I displayed the results for the weather of the city. This was too small an app to deploy to Heroku.

The next app I will work on in the course is the lead capture page with the Mailchimp API. This is something I had wanted to do for a while. Now I will get to do this with Node. This will be fun.

Will work on this tomorrow.