Diet Log

B – nimbu paani with two toasts

Idli sambhar

L – rajma chalwal

Till here everything was fine.

Then I had those snacks from social and paid through my nose.

Felt terrible after having fried stuff.

I really need to be careful about what I eat and how much I eat.

Keep it simple and eat less than what you think you need.

D – dal chawal

Feeling okay now.

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  1. Breakfast – nimbu paani and butter toast.

    Lunch – khichdi and aaloo gobhi.

    Tea – PB&J

    Dinner – Dal chawal with beans and bundi raita.


    Last night I had a stomach infection I think from the social food I ate. I need to be very careful about the food I eat. It can make me feel really bad if I don’t take care.

  2. B – butter toast and nimbu paani


    L – dosas (3)

    T – PB&J

    D – thai curry and rice with dumplings

    feeling okay. No gas or uneasy feeling.

  3. B – oats pulao and dahi

    L – peeli dal chawal and bhindi

    T – cucumber tomato and cheese sandwich

    D – two wraps with potato wedges

    Ate a little too much at dinner. Could have eaten half a wrap less.

  4. B – idle sambhar and coconut chutni

    L – channe chawal

    T – PB&J and squash

    D – Noodle soup and ras malai

    Not much gas, but I think that maybe dairy is not a good idea.

  5. B – uthpam and coconut chutney

    This was very good.

    L – dal chalwal and paneer

    T – grilled cheese

    D – chinese noodles, rice, and chilli paneer

    Stomach feels fine.

  6. B – poha

    L – dosa

    T – PB&J and nimbu paani

    D – burger and potato wedges

    Stomach okay.

  7. B – uthpam and dosa

    L – rajma chawal

    Lot of gas after having them. Till the night.

    T – nothing

    D – potato salad, pasta baked dish and bun


    Had two anjeers today.

  8. B – uthpams and aaloo with coconut chutni

    L – cholia, chilli paneer and rice

    T – PB&J

    D – peeli dal chawal, rice, bhindi and dahi

    No gas during the day.

  9. B – uthpam

    This is good. It suits me.

    L – aaloo rice and kadhi

    T – grilled cheese

    D – two wraps

    Mango ice cream.

  10. B – uthpam

    L – khichdi dahi and kulfi

    got gas afterwards

    T – noodles

    D – summer rolls, dumplings, stir fry and rice


  11. B – poha

    L – mutter paneer and rice

    Had gas

    T – PB&J

    Had gas

    D – maggi and then dal chawal


  12. B – cheese omelette and two toasts

    L – three dosas

    I think I ate too much and that is why I might have had to sleep. I think I need to reduce the quantity of food.

    Ate sawiyan also.

    T – nothing

    D – chicken, potato wedges, and two paneer tomato sandwiches.

    Eating a bit too much. Need to reduce.

  13. B – uthpam and aaloo

    Had khabuza also.

    L – kaale channe chawal

    T – paneer sandwich and nimbu paani

    D – KFC and wraps

    Mango ice cream.

  14. B – pancake and fried egg

    L – khichdi

    D – rice yellow dal and aaloo shimla mirch with raita

    Cakes and icecream

    Was very uncomfortable after KFC last night. Had gas all night.

  15. B – besan roti and dahi

    Mom made this breakfast. It was very tasty and satisfying. The stomach was fine after this. I could have this more regularly.

    L – rice and aaloo tari

    Dessert – cake and ice cream

    T – sandwich

    D – chinese and half onion kulcha

    Grapes and sawiyan

  16. B – 2 dosas with 2 fried eggs

    I could possibly reduce my consumption of high cholesterol foods.

    L – onion kulcha and chilli chicken with gravy.

    D – yellow daal, paneer makhani, chicken makhani and rice.

    Sawiyan after lunch and dinner.

  17. B – uthpam

    L – rajma chawal – was okay today after it. Had a small portion.

    T – sandwich and chips with iced tea

    D – butter paneer with jaun roti and rice with bharta

    Dessert – grapes and mithai from Gobind

  18. Yesterday had some gas with that millet and jaun roti mixture.

    B – uthpam

    L – millet and rajma

    strawberry ice cream

    no gas

    T – sandwich, chips and iced tea

    D – burger, soup, and salad

    cookies ice cream

  19. B – besan roti

    no gas

    L – south India

    some gas

    D – dal chawal bhindi

    no gas

    Had strawberry ice cream also.

  20. B – 4 suji toast

    L – rice and aaloo dahi and 2 besan roti

    no gas

    T – Arjun tea

    D – peeli daal chawal with bhindi

  21. Arjun tea

    B – poha

    L – rice and dal

    ice cream

    no gas

    T – Arjun tea

    D – 3 oats rotis with butter paneer

  22. I was supposed to have the Arjun tea only once a day. Had it only at tea time today.

    Arjun tea

    B – suji toast


    L – aaloo tari chawal

    T – two butter toasts

    D – fish curry


    Dinner was very nice.

  23. Arjun tea

    B – poha

    L – rajma chawal

    T – cucumber sandwich

    D – Chicken patties and bread and some dal chawal

    Getting gas now.

  24. Arjun tea

    B – besan roti

    L – aaloo parontha (2)

    T – two butter toasts

    D – onion kulcha, malai tandoori chicken, sausages and naan

    Kheer also twice :0

    Ate too much today. Need to tone it down tomorrow.

    Not sure what happened today.

  25. B – Poha (whole bowl)

    L – khichdi and mutter paneer

    T – two butter toasts

    D – onion kulcha, naan, and butter chicken

    Strawberry ice cream

  26. B – scrambled eggs and toast

    L – white channe chawal with mutter paneer


    T – nothing

    D – meatloaf, bread, salad, nachos


  27. Arjun tea

    B – besan roti

    L – channe chawal, dal, kaali tori

    T – large sandwich, iced tea, and chips

    D – roast chicken, bread, and pasta

    Stomach has been fine for the past few days.

  28. Arjun tea

    Success was good

    B – besan roti

    L – onion kulcha, naan, chicken, and gravy

    D – pizza and chicken kabab, salad


  29. Arjun tea

    B – besan roti

    L – rajma and chicken kabab

    T – salami sandwich

    D – naan and dal with chicken

    Had too much chicken today. Need to tone it down.

    Had ice cream after dinner.

  30. Arjun Tea

    B – omlette toast and khabuza

    L – rajma, naan, rice, soya bean nugget sabzi

    D – dal chawal, and tinda phulka (was very tasty)

    Had roti today.

    Then mango.

    Am getting some gas. I need to tone down my diet. Have started eating everything in site. Probably because I was so tired today.

  31. Arjun tea

    B – poha

    L – paneer and rice

    T – two jam and toast

    D – Two ham sandwiches and then mango with strawberry ice cream

    I had some gas last night after roti. Not too much. I have started eating many different things and mixing many different things. Do not have a lot of discipline in my diet right now.

  32. Arjun tea

    One box of Arjun tea is finished.

    B – ham sandwich and besan roti

    L – rice and some tari waali sabzi

    D – butter chicken, daal, tandoori roti, and naan


  33. Arjun tea

    B – fried egg and toast

    L – butter chiken, naan, roti and teende

    Stomach was okay.

    D – chicken burgers, salad, bok choy

    Cake and ice cream

  34. Arjun tea

    B – poha

    L – rajma chawal

    D – malai tandoori and onion kulcha


  35. Arjun tea.

    B – poha

    L – khichdi and dal and bhindi

    T – arjun tea

    D – palak paneer, rice, and roti.



    No gas feeling fine.

  36. Arjun tea

    B – melon and cucumber sandwich

    L – forgot

    T – milk with liquid shilajit

    D – pasta with chicken

    strawberry and mango ice cream

  37. Arjun tea

    B – dahi ke paronthe

    L – goldies (shahi paneer, kofte, naan, tandoori roti)

    T – milk with Brahm ghrith

    D – Roti, aaloo gobhi (from sec 8 dhaba), dal, mutter paneer and rice

    Have eaten too much.

    Had mango also.

    Feeling fat. I hope I can do better tomorrow.

  38. Arjun tea

    B – Fried egg and toast

    L – rice with mutter paneer

    T – shilajit (liquid) with milk

    D – chicken and bread with baked vegetables and salad


    Feeling fine.

    My stomach has been fine for the past few days. Despite eating all sorts of food.

  39. Arjun tea


    B – Dahi ke paronthe

    L – rice with peeli daal and bhindi

    T – milk with medicated ghee and honey (elaichi and daal chini)

    D – pasta, roti and teende

    I ate vegetarian today. I hope to eat more veg. God please guide me in the right direction.

    Thank you.

  40. Milk with Bhrahm ghrith.

    B – besan roti

    L – dont remember

    T – milk with brahm ghrith

    D – onion kulcha, lachha parontha, and malai kofta.

    Very good dinner.


    Stomach is fine.

    Had a bit of gas after having milk, but with success it was fine.

  41. Milk with Kottakkal ghee.

    B – besan roti

    L – Roti and malai kofta

    Very good homemade kulfi.

    T – Milk with bhrami ghrith and butter toast

    D – Rice, yellow daal, salad, and dahi.


    Had some gas today after having milk. Need to have some ajwain after having milk tomorrow and see the effect.

  42. B – milk with Kottakkal medicated ghee

    L – Tandoori aaloo naan with raita

    T – Tandoori aaloo roti and milk

    D – roti, rice, and palak paneer.


    Had ajwain after milk it helped a little bit, but there was still gas.

    Had that new medicine, but there was still gas.

  43. B – milk with Kottakkal medicated ghee
    Oats chilla – 2

    L – Tandoori aaloo naan with dahi

    T – milk with Kottakkal medicated ghee and shilajit

    D – veggies, pasta, salad


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