Different types of Arks

This is the video from which I have received this information:

Different types of Arks and their uses

Brahmi Ark:

For indecision, insomnia

Take this with Dashmool ark morning and evening for these two things.

Can be given to Zaina and I can take it as well.

Usba Ark:

For Zara

For phode phinsi.

Scratchy skin.

Giloy Ark:

Joint pain

Old fever


This will be good for mom.

Triphala Ark:

To detox.

Clean stomach.

This is gentle.

Good for diabetes as well.

Punarnava Ark:

Kidney patients.


Good for liver as well.

Good for bhaji and mom.

Pudina Ark:

Only have this sometimes.

For vomits and stomach pain.

Tulsi Ark:

For immunity.

Dashmool Ark and Brahmi Ark:

For sleep.

1/4 cup dashmool ark

1/4 cup brahmi ark

Have with milk or water before sleeping.

I am going to try this.

Right now I am trying Saraswatarishth and dashmool ark and that works well.

Saunf Ark:

This is good for ulcers.

Very cooling.

Gajwan Ark:

For small daane on the skin.

Sasha can use this.

Can be given for strength.

Reduces heat in the body as well.