Dr Angela Yu Web Developer Bootcamp

Now that I’m done with the course I wanted to write a summary review of the most outstanding points that came to my notice about this course.

If you would like to read some of the individual posts that I wrote after each day of the course, you can see them here:


Key points:

  • Extremely well organized course – the resources page is a great resource and makes learning very effective
  • Great use of tools like codesandbox.io
    • She has starting points for all video lessons so you can practice your React skills without worrying about boilerplate setup.
    • She makes things easy – like the JSON formatter chrome extension she had us download. This really helps when you want to dig into the JSON and find the path to a particular value.
  • She keeps the focus on the topic at hand
    • If you’re learning CSS, she will have the HTML ready for you
    • If you’re learning React, she will try and make everything else as easy as possible.
    • This is so that you can focus on the topic at hand and not get sidetracked with other complexities.
  • Each video builds on the previous video (and previous series of videos.)
    • There are no disconnects in the course content where you feel like what just happened. How did she do that. She does not rush through any content.
    • She takes great care about explaining everything that she is going to use in a future video. She builds towards a complex project or goal while keeping things simple. She isolates complicated concepts and then goes into them in great detail.
  • Opportunities to practice your skills
    • Most courses will just dive into something like let me show you how to build this fancy function. Authors mostly do not build up properly to the content. It seems like they are making dozens of exceptions like you really don’t need to understand this. Just accept it as it is.
    • Angela does not do this. She has done two things:
      1. Taken care to prioritize material that is essential.
      2. Then taken the time to properly cover that material.
  • Projects, mini projects, and challenges keep things interesting
    • There are no dull moments in this course. And this is a very rare thing. She will keep you engaged in every video.
    • Angela has helped me become a more proactive and better video course learner. She shares learning strategies like try to preempt what the video is showing you show to do.
    • Repeat the video a couple of times till you get it in your muscle memory.
    • Finally, and this is big – she will give you an additional chance to practice your current skill as an exercise or challenge in a slightly different scenario. You don’t learn best when you keep repeating the same thing over and over again. You learn better when you have the same concepts to be applied, but to a slightly different problem. This is a big edge that this course has over many others.
  • You will learn a ton of stuff apart from the technical things. These have really helped me become a better learner and given me ideas about things like freelancing or trying to build an app.

Some things that are not covered are:

  • Async await and promises – There is a positive spin to this also. Rather than getting bogged down with the complex promises and async await stuff she shows you how to do everything with callbacks. It is not as bad as it sounds. I am more confident that I can write code in JS after doing this course. I will pick up the alternatives to writing async code later from other courses.
  • A full stack project with a React front end and a node js, express backend.

I think this course is a must-have excellent Web Dev 101 course. You should go through this first to pick up enough of the basics for many different skills that you need for web development.

After you’re done with this you will have a good foundation to go on and do any number of courses that dive deeper into these topics.

A note about React – I had taken a full React course before this from another instructor who is a great teacher as well. But, I was left quite confused. The React section in this course is great. I have a good foundation in React now and I am more confident that I will be able to build on it with future courses. I intend to the return to this course as my reference. Especially the resources like that Angela has for this course.

That’s about it for now. I know I am missing many more positive things that need to be said about this course. When I remember them, I will try and add them here.

Happy learning!