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  1. Energy seems to be getting better. I can feel a nice warm feeling under my feet. I am still sleeping in the afternoon. A couple of days ago I did not have to sleep in the afternoon for 2-3 days at a stretch. At that time I thought I had become okay. Now I have been sleeping in the afternoon again with that anger post waking up.

    Still I am able to study and go for walks. Most of the day is fine. I think there is a definite improvement since I have started having the Ayurvedic medicine and there is an improvement in the bowel movements since I started the homeopathic medicine.

    Let me keep track of energy levels here and see how things go. These mini updates are a good idea I think.

  2. Energy was okay today.

    Last night was terrible after having KFC. I had a foul mood all morning. Then I had to sleep in the afternoon and had a foul mood in the evening as well. I am better by night. The energy level needs to improve. I want to try to get up earlier and eat healthier for this.

  3. I felt very low after hearing the news about Rohit’s dad. I thought I would go to sleep in the afternoon, but somehow made it without sleeping. That was great because I got a lot of studying done.

    Did not feel energetic through the day, but was still okay. Having a light lunch and then powering through the afternoon can be a good strategy to keep the day much better. Sleeping in the afternoon just throws the whole day off.

  4. Slept in the afternoon. Energy was fine today. No complaints. I did a really long walk in the evening and an okay walk in the morning.

    Was able to do the web design course for a fair amount of time. I think the homeopathic medicine might be helping with success.

  5. Energy was good today. Did not have to sleep in the afternoon. Went for two walks and did a fair amount of the web design course.

  6. Energy was good today. Did not have to sleep in the afternoon. It was easy to stay up in the afternoon today. My mood was also good. Have started new medicines also. Let’s see how they help with the energy levels.

    Was able to study to my heart’s content (actually not there yet, but better than before.) I want to be able to study much more.

  7. Energy was good.

    But, I slept in the afternoon and then had to take a couple of hours to feel okay. Did my work on the computer and went for a long walk.

    I think my over eating had something to do with the nap. And maybe eating the south Indian food for lunch also creates this food coma.

  8. Energy – good.

    No nap in the afternoon. Was alert the whole day. Got a second wind after having the Arjun tea. I am still very fresh actually.

    Tried to eat light today as well.

  9. Energy was okay. Had to take a nap in the afternoon.

    The energy was good otherwise. I was able to do all I wanted, but felt really sleepy in the afternoon. Not sure whether that is good or bad.

    The pattern now seems to be to sleep one day and not the next. Sometimes I go even two days without the afternoon nap. Let’s monitor this and see.

  10. Energy – good.

    Had to nap in the afternoon. Then took a couple of hours to feel normal. I am cranky, but now just getting used to it.

    Now have napped two days in a now.

  11. Energy is okay.

    Had to take a nap.

    I feel good when trying to work and am getting more done, but have to take a nap in the afternoon. The nap is nice and relaxing.

  12. Past three days have taken a nap in the afternoon.

    Took a nap today also. Woke up a little after 4.

    The energy throughout the day was just fine. I am able to do work and even feel like looking for more work. That is new.

    Let me monitor this.

  13. Energy good.

    Took a nap.

    Was up late last night.

    Sleep was not as good as it could have been. I should not work too much at night. Or maybe not at all.

  14. Energy was good.

    Worked throughout the morning and was feeling okay even post lunch. Then took a solid nap till 6pm.

    Need to keep work at night to a minimum. That makes for better sleep at night.

  15. Energy was good.

    Was able to work well and got a good afternoon nap.

    There is comfort under the feet. This was missing for so long.

    I have the will and the excitement to do work. Thank God.

  16. Energy was good. I was able to do work in the morning.

    I was able to do the walks also.

    Took a nap and woke up very cranky. That is still going on, but I believe I will be better. Things are going in a good direction.

    I am excited about my work. I hope it stays that way.

  17. Energy was a little low in the morning.

    That was probably due to my new routine of working more intensely for the last couple of days.

    I feel fine now.

    Got more strips of the stresscom medicine from Dabur. Mom is having that and I’ve given one to Bhakti. Hope she has it as well.

    Started putting some eye lubricant also. Eyes were getting dry.

  18. Energy was fine.

    The walk seemed really long today.

    Studies and work were good. I am still okay.

    Hopefully, I am not getting burnt out.

    Max Bupa guy did not call.

    Tomorrow is the Ganesh ji upai.

  19. Energy was low.

    Tired from the last few days’ work.

    Barely did the morning fiverr work.

    Then took a nap and did the wordpress project.

    Started having brahma rasayana and revicer.

    Let’s see if they make a difference.

  20. Energy low. Very exhausted. Slept in the afternoon. Energy started going down on May 24th. Today is May 27th. Let’s see when it recovers. I will probably have to take it a bit easy.

  21. Energy was better.

    Slept in the afternoon, but was able to work in the morning.

    Did a short walk around 8A today slowly.

    The weather is quite hot.

  22. Energy was better. I was hyper, but able to do work. Sleep at night was very bad. That is why I was a bit tired in thr morning, but was able to do a fair bit of work through the day.

  23. Energy good. Woke up very tired. The rest of the day went fine. Afternoon nap was good and i was not very cranky after waking up either.

  24. Energy was okay, but I was very exhausted mentally from not taking adequate breaks.

    I think I will be fine after a break.

  25. Energy was good today.

    I am recovering from the mental fatigue of last week.

    Took the whole day off from work and the computer. Feeling much better.

  26. Good energy.

    No nap in the afternoon.

    The energy of the mooldhar chakra was high last night after having liquid shilajit. It is amazing how effective Ayurveda is and how oblivious I have been to the wealth of knowledge and resources available in India.

  27. Good energy.

    Nap in the afternoon. Energy in the mool dhar chakra is building.

    Went for a 5 KM walk. Was able to study today. The main thing is there is a feeling of wellness. At some point I have to think about reducing my allopathic medicines. Will talk to Dr. Chauhan about it next time.

  28. Energy was good.

    No nap in the afternoon.

    Was sluggish in the evening. Could not talk much.

    Started saraswata risth today. Let’s see how things go.

  29. Very low energy today after having the sarpgandha vati today.

    I hope not having that stops it.

    Sleep last night was good after having saraswata rishth and dashmool ark.

  30. Better energy. Relaxed energy. Slept in the afternoon.

    Sleep last night was good despite having slept in the afternoon. It was light, but the dreams were good.

  31. Energy good.

    No sleep in the afternoon.

    Was very active the whole day.

    Walk with Miles, bike ride with kids, and run.

  32. Energy was good and relaxed.

    This was that type of day when you feel very nice and relaxed in the body and get sleep in the afternoon.

    The evening was also fine. Not groggy. Thank you for this day.

    Walk with Miles
    Bike ride with kids

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