Felt Relaxed Today is it Tagara For Two Days?

I have been having Tagar for two nights now. I felt very relaxed today and got a nice 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Is the tagar starting to take effect?

I am also having the Kottakkal medicated ghee regularly. Maybe that is taking effect.

Or it could just be the Ashwagandha and the combination of herbs that were given by Dr. Chauhan. Bottom line is I am feeling better than I was before.

This is despite reducing X to 7.5mg for three days now.

Started the Brad Schiff wordpress course today:


Doing this course for the second time. Not sure if I will finish or not. I have not finished the last few courses.

ZTM Bootcamp

Webflow with Vako

The Photoshop courses with Brian.

I will continue to do one or two videos of the photoshop course when I get a chance because that is something I want to get better at on the side.

I think I was looking to get back into writing a bit of code. Just having finished the tutorial on the wp tuts site. I will continue with the wp tuts latest series on crocoblock to learn more about it.

Taking a break and doing different things might be okay. I think I was exhausted after doing the Jonas course. These courses in the middle provided some relief. There is also the angle of practicality. WordPress provides a stable environment where you can code something up in JS or PHP without having to build the whole project from scratch, which is quite tough in a one man shop.

Was vegetarian today. Happy about that. Came very close to having chicken. Just wanted to take a break.