Finance and Investing Updates

The vested account is ready and funded.

The new ASK accounts are also open.

I am feeling better today. Need to think about signing up for seeking alpha and renewing my bloomberg quint subscription.

Then need to dedicate some portion of the day to start researching companies for new investments.

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  1. Yesterday sold Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv, and DMart for a good profit.

    Still have Ujjivan, Syngene, and Dmart to sell. Let’s see when they reach their selling point.

    Today AU Small Finance Bank fell by 9%. I bought it when it had fallen over 8%. Let’s see how this goes.

    Gaining more interest in trading and investing once again. This is probably due to the increased energy I have felt over the past few weeks.

  2. Tata consumer dropped 5% today. I bought it from mom’s account when it was 4% down.
    I renewed bloomberg quint and I started the free trial for seeking alpha.

    AU Small Finance Bank has recovered a little bit.

    The market does seem like it is going to collapse anytime. But, I’ve been thinking that since last year.

    A full lockdown is imminent.

  3. New ASK buys

    India Select:

    Polycab India
    Dixon Technologies


    Dalmia Bharat


    Aarti Industries

  4. Bought tata consumer again for mom. It was down another 5%. Let’s see how this buy goes.

    AU Small Finance bank was down again.

    US stocks are down a lot. Especially CURI.

  5. Bought ZScaler and Crowdstrike from mom’s vested account. Let’s see how things go. I have started reading bloomberg quit regularly. I think seeking alpha will also be good.

  6. Talked to Yash today and he is also into stocks and investing. I’ll get in touch with him and see what kind of stocks he is investing in.

  7. Sent my portfolio stocks to Yash and he sent his portfolio over. I need to speak with him about his rationale for investing in these stocks. Would be a good thing to discuss with him as well.

  8. CURI is down by more than 5% today. Nasdaq is going down a lot. Might be a good time to start buying some stocks slowly. Let’s see.

    Just realized that roblocks is a listed company and it can be bought. Maybe should think about that as well.

  9. Coursera and CURI tanked like crazy. Nasdaq is down a lot. Inflation numbers are high. The Taiwan market crashed more than it has in 40 years due to leverage. Things look pretty dicy right now. Let’s see how things go. I am thinking about buying some Roblox. Need to do some more research on that.

  10. Made the Purnartha investment for this month. The focus seemed to be on Bajaj Finance, Tata Consumer, DMart and Syngene.

    No Ujjivan and no Whirlpool.

  11. Was thinking of investing in Roblox and the Tiger PE fund made an investment today. Will study this more.

  12. Sold DMart for a 7% profit. This was exactly what I had wanted to do. Let’s see when that day comes for Ujjivan, Syngene, and AU Small Finance Bank.

    Relaxo went up 10% today. Quite amazing.

  13. Ujjivan’s position is looking even worse after this second wave of COVID. Maybe it will be fine in another year’s time. I think this might be the stock that ends up teaching us patience or something else.

  14. Seeking alpha payment made for one year.

    Crowdstrike earnings came out and that was good. I think the stock did well.

    There was some good news related to Syngene as well.

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