Fixed appointment for mom and Bhaji with Dr Chauhan’s clinic

I really got the urge today to send Sushil to get more medicines for me. Then I thought of calling Dr Chauhan’s clinic to see if I could get an appointment for mom. I was able to get an appointment with one of the Doctors who works with Dr. Chauhan for 11:30 am. Mom had the consult with her today and then Sushil went and got the medicines.

I have the extra medicines now and mom has her medicines. I hope she has them regularly and properly for the next month and she shows some good results for her diabetes and her chronic UTI.

I have fixed an appointment for Bhaji also for tomorrow. I hope he benefits from the medicines as well and improves with his sugar and liver.

I felt quite energetic today. It was almost impossible to go to sleep in the afternoon. It is night and I feel like I still have a lot of energy in me. This is just amazing. I never thought this would be possible. I could barely make it till the afternoon and look forward to my massive nap.

I slowly need to start increasing the amount of work I do in the day.

The upais, mantras, and medicines have shown very good result.