General life notes

Things going well.


  • Ayurvedic medicines course
  • Healing mantras
  • Studies
  • Stock investing – bought coursera today (20 stocks)
    • Applied for the vested account for mom. Maybe will buy ZScaler and Crowdstrike with this. Sudip mama sent some additional companies that he is investing in also. I also may need to consider getting subscription to seeking alpha.

I am quite content with life. I am coming to terms with what my life is and am enjoying it more. If I don’t like to do a job, I don’t. Maybe I just have not found the right one. Or, maybe I don’t like it. Either way it is fine. I need to be comfortable with who I am and accept that to enjoy the gifts I have well.

In the studies I might do another website with Flexbox. The one in Jonas’ course. Or, I might continue with Brad Travery’s course and complete the next section with CSS Grid also.

Need to revise. So it would be better to do another flexbox website before moving on.

Or, I could do the natours project with Jonas. That was without flexbox I think. All of these would be great practice.

In the past I have felt that I always keeping getting stuck due to the lack of basics in CSS. I think this time I should spend more time on CSS to get a lot of practice and be confident in building a few basic layouts. This will help with everything else that comes later.