General Notes for June 10th 2021


Last night had too much milk. Had gas post that. Need to try saunth in the milk.

Sometimes I should put badam rogan in the milk instead of ghee.

Have a smaller quantity.

In the morning I had the pudina ark and that has made me feel better.

Going light on the food as still don’t feel like having much.


Doing this video:

Meta boxes with Jet Engine

Just watched this video.

Moving onto doing the Brad Schiff course.

Completed video #15 – Parent and Children pages.

Made the bread crumb bar on the children pages dynamic. They now show up on children pages and don’t show up on the parent pages.

Learned about wordpress functions like:




On the how to learn front I realized that doing a video from a course should be taken as practice being done that day. Most client projects initially are not full blown sites. They are mini projects like this. Implementing or changing some little feature on a site. That is what a video should be taken as and should be done at ease by watching it fully once and then doing it in the second go. There should be some experimentation on the side by looking up articles on the internet and trying new things.

It cannot be taken as a race to get through the course just to get done with it. Think of the knowledge as a tree in your brain. The knowledge from any topic. If everyday, you water it with some exposure via videos, then it will grow slowly and steadily. The biggest culprit to learning has been hurry. To rush through things and to try and do too many things at once. That should be stopped.


Learned about Custom Content Types in this video:

JetEngine Custom Content Types

Just watched this video once. Did not do the setup myself. Will do that at a later time.

Next video where I want to learn about the JetEngine profile builder and the forms plugin. This will be an addition to the recipes listing website:

Using the profile builder and forms in JetEngine for custom user dashboards