Got stung by a bee

On the morning walk I walked into a swarm of bees very near the ground. I got stung by two. There were many more on me, but I got saved.

This morning I was thinking about getting some work and then I got a message from Stella on fiverr. Let’s see if I get the work.

I bought some tata consumer from mom’s account today as well and it was down. I think I will have to wait a couple of months before I see some return on these buys.

The US stocks were down in a free fall. Might be a year before there is some return in those. All good training.

Slept in the afternoon and I have a foul mood after I wake up – especially if disturbed.

Ate an omelette for breakfast and roast chicken for dinner. Have been a vegetarian for a month before this. I did not really enjoy the chicken. I need to find a strategy to be a vegetarian mostly.

I think I will try an be a vegetarian only for tomorrow and see how that goes.

Had beer yesterday and that did not have a good effect on me. Really need to stop that.

Studies were good. Slow and steady. Right when I thought I would stop doing Jonas’ course I learned a lot of new things. He has a lot of new stuff to learn in almost every lecture.

I think I am going to finish this section and then revise by doing the whole natours website once again. That would be really beneficial. Just remember that courses will seem boring to you when you are learning a lot. That is the counter intuitive part. Keep going. Don’t be in a hurry. The slower you go now the faster you will learn. Build your basics up nicely.