Got bit by Dino :(

Today I had a bad feeling during the morning walk that I should not meet Dino. I still did and he bit me on my right hand and arm. I then went to the Sector 19 dispensary to get the tetanus and rabies shots.

This was the first rabies shot. The next is on the 8th.

Did the second Shiv ji Monday upay as well.

The rest of the day the energy was fast and all over the place.

Signed the paper work for the ASK investment today as well. Hope this goes well.

The market fell today and I bought a few stocks like Dmart and Bajaj Finserv.

These are just for trading and I hope to sell them soon if the market doesn’t tumble badly.

Went for the walk with ZZM and Jordan at night.

The heart energy is all of the place. Writing this journal is settling it down a bit.

It was ZZs first day of school.

We went for our evening walk as well.