Got different Arks for mom, bhaji and sasha

Got a medicine for stomach gas. I am not sure how effective it is, but I will try the vatganjankush medicine by Baidyanath again. I think it really helped me last night.

The vat element in my body gets too much and I get those fast thoughts, gas, and pain in my leg and body. I need to find a sure way of controlling that.

Good day today. All vegetarian. Prepared for the US taxes sent Rimal all the documents. Just need to confirm Bhakti’s 26 AS tomorrow.

Enjoyed doing the wp tuts tutorial. Finished the arhictecture website today. Also enjoying the slow and steady progress with Photoshop. I think in a week or two I will be able to do some basic tasks.

Energy was okay today. Actually it was very good. I did not sleep in the afternoon, went for a bike ride with the kids, and went for a run. Otherwise it seemed like a tough day where everyone’s mood was a bit sour.

Had lovely tandoori aaloo ke paronthe. Maybe we will have them tomorrow as well. The peeli dal at night was not a good idea. I think that was to blame for the gas that I was having last night.

This is the pain medication:

I need to do more research about the Kottakkal medicines that I got today for Bhakti. Bhakti started having her medicated ghee. I am sure it will do her good with Lord Ram’s blessings.