Grumpy after afternoon nap :\

Took a nap in the afternoon today as I was feeling tired since the morning. Woke up pretty grumpy from it. Not sure why this happens.

In the late morning we went to do the Ganesh ji upai at the mandir. After that I went to the Ayurvedic shop. I banged into a car also.

At the Ayurvedic shop in Sector 27 I got Brahma Rasayana and revicer. These are both for brain health. Let’s see if they make a difference in the next 15 days.

Really enjoying the recipe website I’m building. The tutorials by Paul on Elementor and Crocoblock are great.

I need to finish this website and then put a gig on Fiverr for Elementor Pro and Crocoblock.

Maybe I should go through the crocoblock playlist that Paul has.

Walk was fine today. Did a shorter one. Was generally very tired. At the dinner table I was rambling about how bad Ranbir uncle’s life was. Not sure where I was going with that. Just shows my state of mind.

I want to reinforce that doing things according to society is probably the worst way to live. If I was allowed that path, I would have carried on doing it. Since I wasn’t, I’m on the other side now.