Had low blood pressure and very low energy

There is this one medicine I had that probably caused low blood pressure. I had no energy after having my morning extra medicines that I have started.

The brahmi and saraswatarishth should have been fine.

The name of this medicine is Sarpgandha vati.

Today I have had Dashmool Ark and Saraswata rishth at night along with brahmi.

Regular medicines also.

Last night sleep was good. I woke up at eight.

Today I have slept a lot in the afternoon so it is probably hard to get good sleep.

Went for the run also.

Let’s see what sort of sleep I get.

I plan on reducing x to 7.5 mg from today. Let’s see how it goes.

Miles threw up twice today. I hope he is fine. I think he caught a cold. It was raining in the morning and I have him a bath to get him cleaned up.

With the low blood pressure I was in a terrible mood the later half of today after waking up from the nap.

Bhabiji got her medicines. I hope she starts feeling better as well.