Hard Day

Today was a long and hard day. Nothing that I did physically, but there was a lot of discomfort. Seems like things are moving and energies are in play. I did the mantras in the morning and got a nice and light sleep from 11 am to 12pm.

Did not get a nap in the afternoon. Seemed like the day would never end. Did a walk in the evening and at night with Jordan and ZZM.

Watched my food. Had wraps at night and South Indian for lunch.

There is a lot of heat being generated from inside me. This is probably due to the rabies vaccine number 2.

There are ulcers in the mouth that are troubling me.

Did the healing mantras today and immediately saw an effect. I got to see a great video on you tube. The video talked about feeling depressed being a good thing because our true self is not giving enough energy to please other people. Once we find what we need to do, what our true self needs to do, we will get the energy to do that work also.