Health Hiatus and Getting Back

The right side of my body started paining after I took to learning some shuffle dancing. After this I went to a doctor, had an MRI, and am now getting reiki healing along with traditional indian vedic healing.

The neuro doctor told me that taking a break from the computer is a good idea for 10 days. I did not do this. He also said I should do any work in short bouts – not more than 25 mins. I am trying to do this now.

Am also working on selling the little car I had bought in 2013. Hopefully that gets done tomorrow.

Restarted the Angela Yu bootcamp today. Revised some of the EJS videos. Will continue tomorrow.

Have made a few changes – trying to have a light dinner, started with the vaid medicine, and will try and do a morning walk. Let’s see how that goes.

Did a nice post-dinner walk with Zaina. Went for a little bike ride in the evening and went for a post-lunch walk with Bhaji.

Good sleep in the afternoon. Woke up pretty grumpy after it though.

Worked on some client work also.

All in all good day. Hopefully, will be back tomorrow.