Health – the building block of everything else

After a recent stint of trying to learn the shuffle dance I have come down with a bout of pain in my lower back and on the right side of my body.

Went for an MRI and found that there are a number of changes in the spine. A lot of this has to do with my sitting. I am going to try and make stretching at regular intervals a part of my routine now.

I found this stretch that can be done as a break after about 30 mins of studying or working on the computer.

Standing stretches:

Standing Stretches for taking a quick break from work

There is also this other wonderful video that has helped me a lot with my lower back pain and the pain on the right side. It is not exactly sciatica, but related I think.

Stretching for the morning and evening

Hopefully I can do more of these stretches to help me continue learn programming and working with clients. This underpins everything else.