Health Update

The reiki healings have made a huge difference. I am feeling very light and am able to engage with people much better. I am also actually lighter as I had a lot of bloating when I went to the doctor at Paras hospital. That day I weighed 85 KGs and today I weighed 81 KGs. I think the main difference was the water retention and the bloating.

One of the big things that the reiki healer told me was to eat soup at night. Keep it light. This helps the sleep.

Along with this the ayurvedic doctor told me to go for morning walks. I was able to do this yesterday and day before, but not today after the heavy meal I ate last night. I need to eat light at night if I want to feel better.

Have changed my desk position also. More support for the arms. The monitor is further away as well.

Looking forward to waking up in the morning tomorrow for the walk.

Had soup and quinoa at night along with a cup of milk.

Also taking the vaid’s medicines.