Heavy Lunch and Post-Lunch Coma

Today was mom’s 6th day after testing corona positive.

Was very hungry in the morning. Ate a very heavy lunch and then slept in a food coma. Woke up in quite a foul mood.

Voted in the Ujjivan CEO and Board vote.

Had spoken to Sudip mama about US stocks last night.

Went for a short walk with ZZM.

Went for an evening walk with Bhakti, Sasha, and Miles. That was nice.

Studied only a little bit today.

Watched the Rajdeep Sardesai news show with dad and the second wave in India is terrible. The country is totally unprepared for this new surge.

I got very anxious and had a, somewhat turbulent, discussion with mom. I really wanted to hear her say that she would not go and play cards with her friends again for some time. That was a huge lapse in security and could have landed us up in a big soup.

Hope she listens.