How to learn

I think since May 2020 I have been studying courses on Udemy regularly. Over time I have improved some of my study habits.

Here are some things that have worked well:

  1. Angela Yu – watch a video and then try to do what is shown yourself.
  2. Andrew Mead – try to create a parallel project for yourself and just repeat what you do in each video.
  3. Zac Gordon – he was the one that actually made it obvious in his course. This learning strategy is great for retention.

Andrew Mead does this for you where he has challenges in his course. Zac Gordon just tells you to launch a second project and do it along with your primary project.

Another thing that works well is to not do a course for too long in the day. You have to give yourself time to absorb the material. The “5-page-a-day” strategy of reading really large books and finishing them over a long period of time also applies to courses as well. If you keep doing a little every day, that goes far. You can end up finishing, and more importantly, retaining information from, very large courses – and complex ones too.

There is another aspect of taking breaks. I guess I’ll see if I want to write about that tomorrow.