1) Learning React – First Post

I am trying to learn React over the next month or two (or even three) months. I am preparing for the React course in the NuCamp Bootcamp. I have done a web developer bootcamp that had a React section. However, this course by Maximilian Schwarzmuller (Academind).

Seems like a really comprehensive course. I went from section 1 through 3 a few weeks back. Then had to take a break. Now doing it again. I am now on Section 3 – Video 39 – The Concept of Composition (“children props”). Max has a very nice and slow pace.

My learning style has also changed. I now prefer to go really slowly and take a small topic everyday. I take breaks and come back to do the video again. I often repeat a video more than twice. My minimum is twice. The first time I see it I just watch. The second time I code along. Sometimes, as is the case with this current video lesson, I need to do it more than twice. I will do it for the third time tomorrow.

Going at my own pace and repeating as often as I want has helped my learning and my enjoyment when I am learning. I am not trying to rush or cram. This is something I learned after doing Angela’s course. I want to keep doing it and learn things deeply. Let’s see how this goes.

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