2) Learning React – Video 39 Composition Revision, Video 40 – Summary, Video 41 – A Closer Look at JSX, Video 42 – Organizing Component Files

Revised composition.

Makes more sense. Third time was much better than the first and second.

Learned about creating wrapper components and the props.children.

Video 41 – A Closer Look at JSX

This answers the question why you need a wrapping element when returning from a component. Because in the React.createElement world you return one element which can then have more child elements.

Video 42 – Organize components into sub-folders

Organized the files into some more folders. Under components we created two more folders – Expenses and UI. The Expenses folder created the expenses related stuff and the UI folder has the Card component stuff.

Video 43 – An Alternative Function Syntax

Changed the functions to arrow functions in all the component js files.

Section 3 done.

Will start section 4 tomorrow.

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