Learning update Feb 9th 2020 – Appreciate WordPress and Open Source

I first started using wordpress sites in 2011-2012. It has been about 8-9 years since then and wordpress is still going strong.

Between linux and wordpress I am really starting to appreciate the power of open source. With wordpress you can leverage so much code that other people have written and just focus on what you want to do.

There is a wonderful content management system backend created already. If you can just learn to hook into that system, and display that content on the front end in the way that you like, that is really liberating.

The biggest development since then seems to be in the front end page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. They really seem to add that what you see if what you get kind of feel to the whole design process.

Knowing CSS and how to design is still essential. What you do in CSS and web design is what is abstracted into a GUI in these page builders. Using the GUI tools it feels a bit more like designing in a design software as opposed to writing code. But, I think that writing CSS and having the fine-grained control will be really fun once I get enough practice and get the hang of things.

All projects are not created equal. For something quick using a page builder could be great. Learning the color and design theory is still essential though. There is no point in designing an ugly site. Form is as important as function.

Courses today:

  1. WordPress with Tanzeel
  2. HTML/CSS with Jonas
  3. WordPress theme development with Zac Gordon

All of these are helping me to appreciate development for the web. Let’s see how things go.