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  1. Good day.

    Did not sleep in the afternoon. The ayurvedic medicine seems to be working well. I have not felt the need to sleep for two days in the afternoon. I do get tired, but then I get up from the bed and try and do some studying.

    The evening lock down is in effect.

    Booked my second appointment with Dr. Chauhan for next month.

  2. Good day.

    Got the second dose of covi shield. We first went to the dispensary and there was a huge line. We ended up going to Santokh hospital in sector 38 to get the shot and the experience was great.

    Tomorrow is May 1st and the vaccination opens to everyone over 18. Miles got his shot today as well. His next shot should be 14 days later on May 14th.

    On the 13th I have my appointment with Dr Chauhan.

    Today I realized that I am much better since I started having the ayurvedic medicines.

    Bhakti also told me to write about the fact that I was able to change plans spontaneously and go to different hospitals to get the vaccination done. According to her that is a big improvement.

    Mom and dad have also noticed it. I am excited to continue to have Dr. Chauhan’s medication.

  3. Day after second covid shot
    Felt a bit down. Slept in the afternoon with bad mood in the second half of the day. Barely finished the one video of studies.

    Went for two mini walks. The lockdown is in effect and the streets were silent. That was great to hear. There is mayhem all around. Watched a cricket match with dad and enjoyed it. Maybe I will get interested in watching cricket once again.

  4. Second Day After Second Covid Shot
    Had some pains and tiredness today. Have the rabies shot tomorrow. Let’s see how things go.

    TMC won in Bengal. That was very cool.

    Saw the Shah of Iran documentary on Curiosity Stream. That was nice as well.

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