Low T Discovered

Today I woke up from a terrible night’s sleep. We had gone for a run yesterday and I just could not go to sleep. I knew there was something wrong. I was up and I kept researching youtube to see what it could be.

I came up with two things I wanted to follow up on.

  1. Mangesium
  2. Vitamin K2

Got up in the morning and went and got these two from the chemist. I was not satisfied. Then I talked to mom about mag phos (the biochem salt) and asked her where she had sent Sushil to buy it. I went to Sector 22 to buy this medicine and there I met Dr. Kant. He was a nice person.

I got mag phos and the medication he prescribed. I was sitting around in the afternoon post lunch and felt very weak. I was not satisfied with what was going on. Then I came upon this video about low T.

Here were the symptoms described:

  1. Memory loss
  2. Tired all the time
  3. Hair loss
  4. Depression
  5. Cant sleep
  6. Tired after sleeping
  7. Mood swings

I had all these symptoms. That is why I went down to mom and asked her about going to an internal medicine doctor. Bhaji helped by researching which doctor we should go to. I went with Sushil to Dr. Kapoor in Sector 47. I showed him my report and he said that the lab I had done the test at was not good.

He had me do three tests at Lal Path Labs.

  1. Testosterone total serum
  2. Prostate specific antigen
  3. Free serum

I have received the report of the Testosterone total serum.

The result is 106 and the range is 165-753.

This is even lower than the earlier report showed.

Dr. Kapoor has asked me to come back. I will go to him tomorrow with this and the other two reports. I hope there is a solution to this problem and that solution gets me back to normal health.

This is a bad test result, but I am very relieved to get this because now I know something is wrong and western medicine might have a treatment for it.