Did the mantras I was already doing.

Shani mantra

Ganesh ji mantra

Dhanvantri mantra

Ram mantra

Added one round of Saraswati mantra and Hanumanji mantra to this.

I also downloaded and played the Narsimha mantra today.

Let me see how things go.

I don’t need to do all mantras everyday. I did not have a lot of energy today so did more mantras.

Just let me go with the flow and see what the universe does.

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  1. Today started off with a round of all the main mantras.

    Then did Saraswati mantra, Hanuman mantra, and also Narsimha mantra.

    Then did the second round of the mantras.

    Seem to be going well. I think the health mantras helped as the ayurvedic medicine seems to have helped.

    The homeopathic medicine is here today as well. Let’s see how that goes.

    Even the messages I saw on you tube via Jason Gallant were very nice and answered some of my deep doubts and questions that were sucking away my energy.

    I think that the more I do the mantras – especially the Ram mantra – I will get better at silencing my thoughts. That should help as well.

    It was very helpful to do the mantras when I had no energy to do anything else. It is bringing a lot of patience in my life as well.

  2. Did the two rounds of the daily mantras.

    I need to do one round at night, but I end up doing both in the morning.

    I did one round after lunch and got great sleep with it.

    Also did the Saraswati mantra, the Narsimha mantra, and the Hanuman mantra today. Just one round. Let me see what effect this has.

    I had more energy today so I was less inclined to lie down and do mantra jap.

    But, doing mantras throughout the day to take breaks is a great idea. It works out well and fits well with me taking breaks from the computer.

  3. Was able to do the first round in the morning.

    Have second round left.

    Could not do Narsimha mantra.

    Ordered vedix hair product today. I think there is energy being created for me to try and improve my health.

  4. Did one round in the morning.

    Have to do one at night.

    Did three mantras in the afternoon – Saraswati mantra, Narsimha mantra and Hanuman mantra.

  5. Could only do the main mantras today in the morning.

    Need to do them at night now.

    Could not do Saraswati mantra, Narsimha mantra and Hanuman mantra.

    That is fine. The main thing is to not include everything in my schedule and get overwhelmed. I have to learn to be flexible and do them when I can. That is the strategy for doing this long term.

  6. Morning mantras done.

    Was feeling low today so did all the other mantras as well. Did two Hanumanji mantras as well.

    Played Om Shri Hanumate Namah all day.

    I think this will help.

    Was feeling very low in the morning. I think this helped with that feeling.

  7. Did morning mantras.

    Did afternoon mantras.

    Two Hanuman ji mantras
    One Saraswati mantra
    One Narsimha mantra

    Did night mantras while walking in the evening. That was nice.

  8. Did morning.

    Did one Hanumanji mantra in the afternoon along with Saraswati mantra and did the Narsimha mantra.

    Did night mantras in evening walk.

  9. morning mantras done.

    Afternoon lay down and did mantras and got sleep.

    Night mantras done.

  10. morning afternoon and night done

    Done on walks
    Afternoon on bed while resting

  11. Morning done.

    Afternoon – one left – Narsimha.

    Evening all done during a long walk till the showrooms.

  12. Morning done on long walk.

    Afternoon also done on morning walk.

    Night done on evening walk.

    Walking while praying is very nice. I hope this continues.

  13. Did all three – morning, noon and night.

    Watched a Jason Gallant video and he was talking about depression and how feminine mantras like the Saraswati mantra can create a surge of energy that can break the dam of depression.

    Shiv ji mantras can also help with it.

    He says that depression is the self not giving energy because our direction in life is not okay. We are not doing what we are supposed to be doing, but what the world requires from us. It is okay to be different and do things that are different. You have just one life. Live it the way you are supposed to live it. Not the way everyone says you should live.


  14. Did them all.

    Did a couple lying down on my stomach. I think I need to reduce the walking a bit. I might be doing too much.

  15. All done due to super-long walk in the evening. A slow long walk is very nice.

  16. Did all. Had started the mantras on April 10th. The healing mantras. The 40 day discipline of those mantras is done.

    I am continuing them and also doing the other mantras once a day.

    On April 26th I started the afternoon mantras. At the beginning of June one 40 day cycle of doing them once a day will be done.

  17. All mantras done during the two walks. Feeling the effects of the mantras. The Ganesh ji mantra has started to remove obstacles. The Saraswati mantra has helped me study more and moved me towards creativity.

    The Ram mantras has given me a lot of comfort in terms of health.

    The Dhanvantari mantra has brought great healers into my life.

    Since I’ve been doing the two Hanuman ji mantras I have not had trouble with breathing and have been able to do relaxing long walks without getting tired.

    Thank you for this great gift.

  18. All mantras done during the walk and the first round was done in the house while doing different things. Doing them during the walk is better. If I wake up a bit early, at around 7 am or 7:30 am it would be much better.

  19. The walk was very long. Did all the mantras and then some extra Ganesh ji and Saraswati Ma mantras.

  20. All mantras done.

    Did them all in the house as was very tired today. Still very tired.

  21. Doing the mantras, but doing them walking around and sometimes sitting with people and talking. Can still do them in the background.

    Something is better than nothing.

  22. Took a break from work.

    Mantras easily done today just sitting around and doing various things.

    When it gets hard to do the mantras that means the speed of work has increased too much. I need to do it at a more sustained pace and take breaks.

  23. Mantras done in the morning in the house.

    Evening half in the house and half during the walk.

  24. All mantras done.

    Ram mantra is having a powerful effect.

    A Hanuman ji mantra made it to my you tube suggestion list. I should probably start doing it at some point of time.

    Here is the link:

  25. All mantras done.

    Morning and evening.

    Evening did while sitting in dad’s room watching tv and Sasha was also there.

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