Mom has covid like symptoms

This morning when I met mom she said she has fever and a cough. We all immediately thought it was covid. I had a lot of anxiety initially, but then everything was okay.

I took her to Atulya to get her x ray and blood test done. We then went to leisure valley to get the RTPCR test done. The blood test and the chest x ray are okay. The covid test result will come tomorrow at 10 am. We have a tele-consult with Dr. Vishal Bhambri tomorrow at 6:20 pm.

For now all we have to do is to manage her fever and that everyone needs to be in isolation and wear masks. Dad needs to be kept in his room and away from mom and I need to stay away from dad as well.

The covid pandemic is getting really bad. It is twice as bad as what it was the last time (last year.)

Mom’s ASK account is ready.

Her vested account is also ready.

I wonder if there is a crash around the corner in the markets and another opportunity for investing. Let’s see.