Mom tested positive for COVID

The results of mom’s test came in. It was quite a shock to see that the result was positive. I thought somehow they would turn out to be negative. Dad got quite stressed out after that.

He urged me to find out his results. Thankfully they were negative. Dad has a second chance now. But, he still does not realize that he is not socially distancing. He keeps coming close to people and keeps asking them to do stuff on his phone. It might be his way to deal with stress.

Bhaji was also quite stressed out on Gurgaon. He has put some of his shared staff on temporary leave. He was double and triple checking exactly what the doctor was saying. In any stressful situation dad and Bhaji like to go into a lot of detail. I think that helps them cover any lapses in information that otherwise might be there.

I had a small spat with Bhakti. I think she was very unnerved and ended up messaging her mom and then relaying her mom’s suggestions to me. That really set me off. She later came and talked about it that was nice and it helped even out things.

I got mom’s medicines and her sugar reading device.

In the morning the day started on a stressful note when two stray dogs bit Miles. I then took him to the sector 22 hospital for his shots. He is supposed to get four more shots. I should note those dates down tomorrow in my calendar. Bhakti has them noted down right now.

Went for the night walk with ZZM. That was nice.

One really cool thing I did today was use Javascript for a task that Stella had asked me to do for her site. This had been on my todo list for a while. I got to use my javascript skills today and that felt really good.

No studies today.

Wired funds to mom’s new vested account.

The funding for mom’s ASK PMS account was also done through the IDFC first bank account.