Mom’s card party, walk with Upjeet

Mom had her card party at the house after a really long time. There were nice snacks and Kamal massi and Param massi gave Sasha shagan.

Upjeet came to Chandigarh today before he departs on his trip to his new piece of land. We had a short walk and it was nice to catch up.

Went for the Jordan walk with ZZM.

Went for a long walk with Bhakti in the evening. A stray dog tried to attack Miles again. Seems like the training in India is just to toughen up and move on.

One of the main messages in my mind right now that I am trying to internalize and work on is that there is divine guidance within you. If you hear that message clearly and follow it, you’ll be fine. If you try to go in a direction that is not destined for you, you will lose energy.

You have to be satisfied with his will and not yours. What gives you a negative energy reaction dont do it.