Nap in the afternoon after a few days

Got a nap in the afternoon after a few days. I was waking up tired for the last two days as well. This should help.

Had burgers for dinner. Have had tasty, but slightly heavy food for the last three days. I want to have soup quinoa for dinner tomorrow.

Zara is quite weak. She needs vitamins, some milk supplements, milk twice a day, and a diversified diet. She is listening and acting on it so soon she should see a difference.

Zaina and zara did the 17 times table today. They are also practicing their piano and reading their book.

I also told them about the Maha Mrityunjai Mantra. I hope I can repeat it with them everyday so that they can learn it well.

I got the idea about considering another ASK investment for mom’s investments. Will talk to the person and see if anything makes sense. The stock market fell for the second day today.

The corona virus fear is in the air again. The markets may collapse even more.

We did the evening and the night walk today. It was nice.

Bhaji went to Augusta Point to take the possession of the property.