Natours Project Finished – Thoughts on Jonas’ advanced CSS course after the first project

The course is very detailed. It is built not around small mini-exercises, but large and very detailed projects. Some parts of the course are interesting and others can get very boring.

If there is a topic that I run across in the wild and that has been covered in Jonas’s course, then the material covered in the course would be a good in depth coverage. He teaches at a relaxed pace like a senior developer just sitting with you and teaching you all the skills he has learned.

The last part about making changes to make the site responsive was especially boring. There were many things that I did not know before this course. They are now at the back of my mind and I know where to look for more information about them when I need it.

There is a different approach that an author like Dr. Angela Yu takes. In that approach she has shorter projects and then she has you repeat what was taught via small projects or exercises with small variations. This was not the case here. The project is so long that I do not have the patience to go back and do everything again.

Maybe doing CSS in such depth is not the need of the hour for me right now. When it is I might be more inclined to spend more time here.

All in all very good course, but you need to be very disciplined and sure that you need CSS knowledge at this level at your current position. If not, then other courses might give you enough knowledge to get the job done.