Not feeling well day 4

Went for the covid test this morning. There was an hour and a half wait.

The result for the antigen test is in and it came negative. Thank God for that. I am still waiting for the RTPCR results tomorrow.

Good study day. It is a slow and steady game now in Jonas’ advanced css course. I really have to stick to the “5 pages a day” strategy and no more.

I had very little energy and felt pretty bad throughout the day. Had an upset stomach in the morning as well.

Did not sleep in the afternoon. Did not get very good sleep the previous night either. Could not sleep till very late at night.

I somehow managed to get up from my rest in the afternoon and do a little bit of studying. I think I will have to continue to work on this and improve it even though it seems hard.

One very good thing happened today. My homeopathic medicines came. I really liked how professionally Dr. Arpana has structured the appointment process and the delivery of the medicines. She was a great listener as well. I started with the medicines today. I am going to keep a progress journal about this also and see how that goes.