Post vaccination day 1

The night was tough as I fell asleep quite late. And I started to feel the aches and pains that were expected. Today was quite tough and I started feeling quite down and out both physically and mentally. Having a crocin has really helped.

I think the energy in the house played out again today as I had a brief spat with mom. She was quite uncomfortable and I should have been more understanding. Some cleaning does need to be done in the house.

Went for a walk with Bhakti. Then post-dinner went for a walk with Zaina and Zara. Miles was there for both walks.

Saw a really weird movie called magnolia.

Managed to do some studying.

Got my shorts stitched for Rs 30… quite proud of that. Really enjoyed the night walk with Zaina and Zara.

Today seemed really onerous initially. Once I reconciled to the fact that I can only do what I can today I was fine. That was a good lesson.

Did some research on corporate FDs today as well.

Need to get Bhakti’s IDBI account closed.

Transfer that money to the Indusind bank account for the 6% interest rate on savings.