LearnWP – Custom WordPress Theme

Custom wordpress theme built from the ground up to learn custom wordpress theme development

This is a project I'm building along with the very good Udemy course


Advanced Wordpress Theme Development with Bootstrap.

I was revisiting Bootrap in NuCamp and thought might as well try and build a theme with it.

The author of this course is Marcelo Xavier Vieira.

Learnt a number of things during this process. Here are just some of them:

  • How to work with bootstrap in wordpress
  • How to enqueue stylesheets to override bootstrap styles and add new ones
  • How to enqueue JS properly in wordpress
  • Creating menus that a user and change from the backend
  • How to use template pages
  • Template parts
  • Theme support
  • How to use the functions.php file
  • Working with and registering widgets
  • Using the WP loop and the WP_Query class to make custom queries
  • Setting up different template files (the wordpress template hierarchy)
  • Basic SEO techniques to set up the theme the right way