Rabies Shot #3 | Visit to Ayurvedic Hospital

Got the 3rd shot today. I am prepared to be uncomfortable for the next few days. Have altered my diet to eat only cold foods. That is making is more comfortable.

The next one is on the 3rd of May. Two weeks for the next one.

The rest of the day was good. Jordan came over to the house and Miles played with him for a little bit. Every bit of exercise for him is good.

Need to control his diet.

Went to the ayurvedic doctor at planet ayurveda. It took about 5 hours to meet him and get the medicines, but I am happy I did it. I think this change was due to the powerful Ram mantra I am doing.

Visit to Planet Ayurveda

The doctor was nice. He was very encouraging. The medicines and the whole visit was expensive. I spent Rs. 8000. I hope I see a different in the next 30 days with this medicine. I can keep a track of these changes here.