Sasha had 102.2 fever

Today in the evening mom felt Sasha and thought she was warm. When I checked her fever it was 102.2 degrees. I ended up speaking with two doctors. One at mamta clinic and the other at Chaitanya hospital. They both said we need to give her crocin, check her fever regularly, and do luke warm water pattis.

She was playing after having the medicine. Her fever came down to 100.2. She had vomited earlier after having the medicine. Thankfully she was able to have her dinner and then take the medicine.

Hope she feels better. My whole state of mind was thrown off after I realized this. Let’s see how she feels tomorrow.

I slept in the afternoon today and felt tired as well. For the past two days I did not feel the need to sleep. Today I did. However, in the morning I had good energy and was able to study properly as well.