Second Appointment With Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Today was my second appointment with Dr. Vikram Chauhan. The appointment was quick and to the point. I told him that I had definitely noticed a difference, but I needed 3 to 4 times more help. He said we would be able to do that. The important thing is that there was a difference. If we have a hold on the problem inside, we can continue to have medicines and increase those medicines to get better results. This was very helpful for me.

The other thing I realised was that I was not having one of the medicines that was prescribed to me. I added that to my lot of medicines and Dr. Chauhan added two more. One for stress and one for more energy. Let me see how this second month goes now. What changes I see over this month. I am quite excited and hopeful about it. I did not need to sleep in the afternoon today and had a good amount of energy the whole day. Not only that I also had a good mood.

I am able to study for longer and am exploring new courses in web design. I am really enjoying them as well.