Day 29 – Section 32 Done – Deployed secrets app to Heroku

Here is the link for the app:

Section 32 – Authentication and security done today. This module was good and it has made a number of things much clearer with regards to encryption, hashing, salts, and oauth2.

However, I think Angela could have broken up the videos into smaller chunks in this section. There could also have been a few practice exercises that covered setting up an app with passport js. That would have been nice as well.

On the plus side, I learned how to encrypt data with node. I learned about hashing with md5 and bcrypt. Learned about how to deal with environment variables in node and how to set them up in Heroku before deployment.

The oauth with Google was also good, but there is an issue with the Google oauth where you first need to have the app in testing and then need to submit the app to them for review. This is good when you actually have an app that you want to deploy to production, but if you’re just building apps as projects then I’m not sure if I would include a privacy page etc that could be a part of that review process.

Started section 33 – React today. I think Angela will cover that well.