Section 33 – Reached 420 – useState video

Angela is such a good teacher that she makes complex topics easy to understand. I don’t think a day has gone by since I started this course that I did not thank myself for the decision of starting this course. I thought it would just be an introductory course, but was I wrong. I have learned something new every single day.

There are instructors who are great at what they do, but cant teach very well. That is fine too. One has to work harder there to break down those concepts and make them palatable yourself. A great teacher like Angela can really help with the learning journey.

React is seeming really useful. The imperative vs declarative style of programming video brought a log of clarity. I used to think of the javascript way of programming as very clumsy with the whole document.getElementById to select something and then do something.

The React way seems neater. I think even JQuery would do very well. I just did not end up using it when it was popular.

Looking forward to learning more React.