Section 33 – Reached video 417/435

Did a lot of financial management stuff in the morning. Did not feel like getting into studying. Post lunch started and did a few videos. It was a good day. Some of the videos were easy as it was a revision of things like arrow functions and map, filter, reduce etc.

There were also some exercises to reinforce components, props, and looping through data to render it. I am enjoying React quite a bit with Angela’s teaching because I understand it and can see what it’s used for. I was quite lost with the Andrew Mead React course. I think he dove into too much depth before showing what React is for. Maybe that course will make more sense at an advanced level.

Today the 5-page-a-day philosophy came to help me. I really did not want to do anything and then just started with one video. When that goal was over all the pressure melted away and I did a couple more.