Section 33 – React – useState and destructuring

Went through the useState video a couple of times.

Learning strategy:

Go through a video once and see what the instructor is trying to do. Then try to do it yourself. After you do this once by looking at the video and with help, try to do this yourself.

When you don’t have exercises to work on you can repeat the video a couple of times and do the code pattern from scratch. This will help build the muscle memory.

Learned this learning strategy from Angela. Hope I can continue using this.

The prerequisite for this is that you have to not be in a hurry. You have to dedicate your time in a relaxed way to the topic you are learning that day. This is key. Have realistic expectations from your study schedule.

useState – I think I am now more comfortable after doing this a couple of times.

destructuring – I thought I knew it well, but for nested objects it can get a bit complex. It really improves the look of the code though. I think doing this a couple more times will help. I got the basic idea.

Thanks to Angela for going into detail about topics that are going to be used up ahead. It really sucks when the author is in the middle of explaining something else and then takes a detour to explain another concept. That really throws the student off.

The author should first see what the problem is.

See what other concepts are needed to understand the solution to that problem.

The explain any concepts that will be needed for the final explanation.

And, just a cursory explanation does not do. You need to have dedicated videos along with multiple chances for the student to practice those skills. You have to help the student to get those concepts into muscle memory.

It is this practice and the proper structuring of concepts that is missing from some, otherwise, great courses. Not sure why.

Let’s see what i learn tomorrow.