Spoke to Bhakti’s mom and had a fight with Bhakti while going for a walk

The whole day was going great. Bhakti got me this really nice stand for my tablet to watch movies on it without holding it.

Then I woke up from my nap and I think I was cranky. I definitely was. Bhakti just said we should keep the walk short and I lost it. I really want to unwind during the walk and don’t want more pressure created telling me to come home quick. Yesterday a similar thing happened where she said Miles wont be able to take the longer walk. I adjusted.

I don’t think it is a good idea to go for a walk with her. I think I should just go with Miles. He was able to do the 5 Km walk today. He was panting by the end of it, but was fine.

We ordered food from Goldies today. Malai tandoori, chilli chicken, chilli paneer, noodles, rice, onion kulcha and naan. It was very well made. Everyone including the kids enjoyed.

Miles had meat and bones for lunch also, but something got into him that he dug up Sasha’s diapers from the dustbin and tore them apart. That also made me feel bad. Mostly it was just my crankiness after my nap. I need to spend time by myself for a couple of hours after I wake up. That is the best. Will start on that tomorrow.

Mom also started having stresscom from today. Bhakti is also having it. Let’s see if they see any benefit from it.