Spoke to Upjeet at night

Spoke to Upjeet after a week or so after dinner. He seems to be doing well and enjoying his shrimp farming business.

The day went well. I did a really long walk till the high court and then back to the house. Did all the afternoon and night mantras on the walk.

Had the Arjun tea today and it was quite good. No what I expected at all. It seemed to have a lot of substance. I think I can have this at around 3 pm when I feel the most sleepy and that should help me stay awake.

Now I am on a lot of Ayurvedic medicines along with this Arjun tea. I can feel the results. I hope these results continue and get better.

Studies are going well. Paid CAM for Elante today. Learning Illustrator and Figma. Built my first web design today the redesign of the Figma website. Now working on the first design that we will develop in web flow. Looking forward to that.

Did not sleep in the afternoon today.