Stark reminder of the danger of covid

We have had a very close call. I hope covid does not manifest in any other family members.

Mom had symptoms on the 16th.

She tested positive on the 17th.

Today is the 20th. So today was the fourth day. She seems fine has no fever or cough. She has weakness and her sugar was high.

Hope she continues to improve.

Today was a very pleasant day. Mom sat outside for a bit. I went for a bike ride with ZZ. Then for a walk with Bhakti, Sasha and Miles.

Dad said that he has never felt as much love for any child as he has for Sasha. That is pretty amazing. He said including Bhaji and me.

Today was a nice study day also. Got through a pretty theory intensive section in Joans’ CSS course. He is very thorough.

Today the whole day Antarjami Purkh Bidate was playing and it is very peaceful.

Mom’s ASK portfolios are ready. No stocks bought in them yet.

The vested transfer also came through today. That was great. I was a bit stressed about that. Have asked Sudip mama about investment advice for that portfolio.