Stimulus payment 2

Today the stimulus payment 2 came in. They actually send the payment for all four family members even though they had said in the letter they would send it for just two people.

Then I found one ELSS mutual fund that I had bought for mom’s account in 2017 that had doubled in value in 2021. It has an XIRR of 18%. This was the Axis bank mutual fund. This was the first time I have seen such a solid return in a mutual fund investment. This is what one thinks when one invests in mutual funds.

But, I have suffered though so many bad investments that I want to be more careful now.

Slept in the afternoon. Took a pretty long nap and woke up groggy. I think this was a result of the heavy lunch. Did the long upai also.

Mom was creating a lot of anxiety on the dinner table today. The rest of the day was petty relaxed and nice. Everyone was in a good mood throughout the day.

Bhaji was a bit stressed out because his boss had written a depressing message. He was also doing much better till the evening.

Went for a walk with Bhakti, Sasha, and Miles in the evening. And, we Zara and Miles after dinner. Feeling much better after these walks – especially the post-dinner walk.

For the investments in mom’s account I think all of them have come in. I just need to keep moving them over to IDFC for the 7% interest rate on the savings.

I am not sure what to make of the markets, but they look really fully valued. The only investment that probably makes sense is the Purnartha investment as some of his stocks did not go down even during the 2020 crash. That was amazing. But, there were some that could have been bought at really attractive prices as well. I feel like being in cash an waiting this out to see what happens.