Stopping while learning

I have consistently noticed a tendency of mine to start the daily dose of a course and then not being able to get up from it.

The target for the day is met and I am tired. Rather than enjoying the content and soaking it in the whole process becomes more about finishing more of the course.

This is highly detrimental to learning in my experience. I need to be able to take a break from the course and then come back to it the next day or the day after next. Whatever my schedule says.

I think this also goes back to what I was writing about yesterday. There is an insecurity in me that tells me that this is it you wont come back to this material again. This is completely wrong. I have been able to now consistently study and advance my skills for the better part of this year.

The most successful strategy has been the “5 pages a day” strategy given to me by my mom for reading very large books.

I think I need to bring in the element of relaxation into it and go and do some other activities. You can either get eggs from a chicken for a very long time or eat the chicken in one day. You have to choose.

I’ll go for a bike ride now. The weather is very nice outside.